Tai Chi Team Building

                 Tai Chi Team building for Air France on the Great Wall

   This introductory morning session we will explore the practice of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is the association of activity and silence, Yin and Yang and it is fully adapted to the Chinese way of thinking. Jack Ma– CEO of Alibaba Group stresses to succeed in business you need to manage your inner self through a connection with culture. The goal of Tai Chi practice is to engage with it in our daily life and to enable us to comprehend the skills needed to conquer our weaknesses. Today, Tai Chi has become more practical and adapted itself to the fast growing commercial society. This traditional health-keeping technique is earning greater attention of enterprises who wish to improve individual quality of life in traditional Chinese way. The master we will be accompanied with has been a Tai Chi trainer & health talker of Tsinghua SEM EMBA project for BMW Germany and was designated the Tai Chi instructor by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game sponsors.

Tai Chi Team Building activity follows the steps   

  1 Talk on Tai Chi & Tao

  2 Tai Chi relaxation practice

 3 9 steps Tai Chi study

 4 Tai Chi & Healthy life

 5 Tai Chi & Business Management

 6 Push Hands & Tai Chi Application

 7 Methods to collect Qi

 8 Common illness & Semi –health Self Treatment

Venue:  as requested 

Duration: 3-5 hours


 Apple Inc. Beijing Tai Chi Team Building

Google Inc. Tai Chi Team Building

BMW Inc. Germany Tai Chi Team Building at Tsinghua University 

Swiss Bank Corp. Tai Chi Teambuilding

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